Make your choices matter



No one wants to be put in the situation of feeling let down by endings, each should feel unique and awesome.

Putting players back on to the same track will make the player feel like future choices in the game are also irrelevant.

It may be more work for you, but the player only cares about how much effort has gone in to the game!


“Inventory Management Simulator 2013”


Commonly made mistake, unless your game is ‘Inventory Management simulator 2013’ people should be playing your game, not spending the whole time cleaning backpacks.

This also goes for perceived ‘different’ items like Borderlands, players do not want to spend 30 minutes figuring out whether -0.1024% attack speed but +0.16 damage is better than original.

Secret Items


Do not tell your players where all the secrets are, this is not a secret!

The player wants to think that they have managed to out smart the developer. Doing this is like ruining the final episode to breaking bad!

Not telling your player allows them to invest in your world. The satisfaction of exploration should always be cherished.

Games that sell well, have logical complexity.